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Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
Committing himself in searching for weak spots in the reliability of high-security prisons, Ray Breslin, the man with the unusual talent, is faced with yet another challenge. Should Ray accept, he will have to infiltrate and manage to break out from the "Tomb", one of the government's uncharted and impregnable prison forts, where the world's worst criminals are left to disappear. Under a new name, Ray arrives at the sadistic warden Hobbes' top secret facility, only to realise right from the start, that he is double-crossed, lured into a trap and an inescapable fate. Under those circumstances, to have a fighting chance, Ray will befriend the mysterious cell block inmate, Emil Rottmayer, to come up with an audacious escape plan that could save them both. Can the bold escape artist make it out alive this time?
There are some surprises in this modestly budgeted action film, but not many. The entire cast is great,but this escapist entertainment is more about the fun of watching these two aging heavyweights work these roles, and this plot, to perfection.It&#39;s hard to be disappointed with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger heading the picture; and there isn&#39;t much to be disappointed about because they deliver as expected.Though this movie can&#39;t match the formal qualities that made the pair&#39;s most iconic films work, it goes a long way toward recapturing their sense of cheesy fun.<br/><br/>Both guys still in great shape despite the age showing on their faces. If you love Stallone and Schwarzenwegger, go see it! Not the greatest plot (a bit predictable and silly in places with stereotypical &quot;bad guys&quot;), but still good fun!
First off, seeing Sly Stallone and Arnold together in a movie is a dream come true! Sure they have the Expendables, but that is a shared film with a multitude of action heroes. These are the two biggest action stars EVER who once competed in the 80&#39;s and 90&#39;s for best action movie of all time!!! So for them to team up means a lot to me and maybe more so than to others. There are other notable side characters in the film as well, such as Curtis &#39;50 Cent&#39; Jackson, Vinnie Jones, Vincent D&#39;Onofrio and Sam Neill, but everyone who is wanting to see this film will mostly care about our two headliners.<br/><br/>Being labeled as an action movie, there isn&#39;t much to say really about the film other than its a modern day escape movie with a somewhat decent plot. Sly Stallone plays a professional escape artist who escapes prisons for a living and wrote the book on how a prison should be properly maintained. He ends up taking a job that promises big pay, but with even bigger danger. On this job he meets Arnold and together they try to abscond the ultimate prison facility. Catchy and more in line of a thriller than action, but it has it&#39;s moments.<br/><br/>One of the first things that stood out for me was how interesting the chemistry between these two legends played out on screen. They actually make an awesome team together! I couldn&#39;t help but feel like they should have done this YEARS earlier when they were both in their prime! Better late then never though! The next thing I noticed was given that these two usually played the macho role in past films, it was a little weird to see Sly act as a VERY intellectual person. I mean, this man was spitting out facts of metal and liquid elements that you wouldn&#39;t even think of! Boiling point of metal, navigational and geographical information, material temperature. I don&#39;t really see Sly in such a role, but he managed well and I was pleasantly taken aback by it.<br/><br/>Sly wasn&#39;t the only one to surprise though. Yes, Arnold had his macho-ism and had intelligence as well, but his biggest surprise was when he spoke his native German language. That might not be a big deal to certain people, but as a long time fan and someone that has seen A lot of his movies I&#39;ve NEVER heard him speak German in any of them! Maybe I missed one, I can&#39;t claim to see them all, but definitely A lot.<br/><br/>Anyways, back to my thoughts of the movie overall. The culmination of the greatest hero icons mixed with an advanced inescapable prison facility was definitely entertaining in a way I partially didn&#39;t expect and that&#39;s not a bad thing. The ending was a little disappointing for me though and sometimes that can ruin an entire movie. That wasn&#39;t the case here, but it&#39;s worth mentioning just for the sake of my opinion.<br/><br/>Final verdict: If you are fans of the legends in this film, enjoy thriller/action movies or just want to see a modern day escape movie with your worst case scenario prison facility (makes me wonder if there really is a facility like this) then this is for you. I personally think anyone could enjoy this movie. Hell, even my wife was interested and saw it, lol.
Escape Plan deserves some credit for gradually rising from abysmal to almost-mediocre, though it’s needlessly complicated in every step of the way.
Very little, they used the wrong kind of screws in the solitary cells. Since the prison guards are humans, a routine could be figured out from their behaviors. Secondly, since doctors are known to have oath to help their patients, the prison doctor could be a helpful inside man. And since the warden is human too, no matter how smart he is, he could still be fooled. Ray is hired by a CIA lawyer to enter The Tomb as a prisoner, in order to test its security by attempting to break out. However, the lawyer&#39;s true motivation is that her father, Manheim, is a prisoner in The Tomb, who she wants to be broken out of the prison with Ray&#39;s assistance
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