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Here is the roster for all our current members, and will be updated as we get new members. It is on a 1-2-3 scale, meaning the first job listed is your most focused on job, follow second by your secondary job, then third is your runner up from that for a job. Will be shown by your name and then a (number) posted.

WAR- Mohr(2) Malekor(2)
THF- Mohr(1) Syn(3)
MNK- Mohr(3)
WHM- Diazx(2) Altaer(1)
BLM- Twigg(1) Shiba(2) Altaer(2)
RDM- Sion (1)
PLD- Diazx(3) Shiba(3) Malekor(1)
DRK- Syn(1) Ryu(2)
RNG- Twigg(2)
BRD- Sion(2)
BST- Syn(2)
NIN- Aranis(1) Aldiir(3)
SAM- Diazx(1)
DRG- Ryu (1) Syrus(2)
SMN- Altaer(3) Aranis(3)
BLU- Syrus(1) Aldiir(1)
COR- Syrus(3)
PUP- WolfJ(1)
SCH- WolfJ(2) Aldiir(2)
DNC- Shiba(1)

(Geomancer and Rune Fencer will be added at later dates)

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